Nicole’s Pick: Letter of the Week 01-23-14

Dear Ms Conn, A bit of perspective so you can understand where I'm coming from: I live in Tennessee, very near the heart of the 'bible belt'.  I am 70 years old, but very young at heart and quite naive at my age but I have to write to you and tell you how A Perfect Ending has affected me. I … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Video Pick of the Week: “A Child’s Authentic Self and the most Incredible Mom” story…

From  An independent documentary film series exploring gender variance. "What an amazing child. And the mother should be given the St. MOTHER of the YEAR award... she's so incredibly outstanding for knowing she had to take care of her baby (her first no less) in the way he … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pick: Letter of the Week 06-21-13

Dear Nicole, Like Paulo Coelho said: "When we love, it is not necessary to understand what is  happening outside because everything is happening inside us instead..." (big smile). Our community is growing up by strong voices like yours that keep fighting for a better place to live.  Here is my … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pick: Favorite Quote of the Week

"The film touched me in a way that no other film has.  It was truly a masterpiece and was perfectly cast. The directing and writing is a work of art!  For those of us in our 50's it has been a once in a lifetime experience - thank you for such a beautiful gift." MJ     … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Film Pick of the Week: Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement

Check out Nicole's Film Pick of the Week! Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement is the award-winning documentary about marriage equality pioneers Thea Spyer and Edie Windsor (plaintiff in the groundbreaking US vs. Windsor case). Available now on digital from for just $2.99 … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pic of the Week: A Perfect Couple: Congratulations Kim and Jenn!

Kimberley Breault became the very first donor of "A Perfect Ending."  She not only became known as "Number One" but she and her partner, Jennifer, became members of our film family, joining us at all the premieres and festivities.  This is a teaser of Kim & Jenn's wedding video which not only … [Read more...]