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Making movies about strong women for the general public has always been one of Nicole Conn’s dreams. Meet the woman who will help this dream become a reality! Australian Registered Nurse Chakinta Jones is interviewed by Mary ‘Mindschmootz’ Dawson and talks about her ‘donation’ that will start a Legacy Fund to give Nicole the freedom to take her incredible gift of storytelling into the mainstream.   

HERE is Chakinta’s full story and HERE is the full Press Release!

“When you have women behind the scenes in power you see more women on screen, and that’s why this discussion is so important.”

Melissa Silverstein (Founder/Editor Women & Hollywood)

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Revelling in the success and positive response from her fans for the million time viewed mainstream Marriage Equality PSA SHE4ME, writer director Nicole Conn is now more than determined to produce her first feature film targeting the same audience.

The new film, Nesting Doll is a story within a story within a story and orbits around a most utterly compelling myriad of love, pain and anguish that we know to be the mother/daughter relationship. It’s about four strong women who find the answers and unconditional love they have each been looking for through the ubiquitous eyes of a pure, innocent and extraordinary young ‘teacher’.

The film also tells the one love story Conn has personally wanted to create: both on celluloid and in real life since Nicholas’ birth. Conn is honored and humbled by what Chakinta wants to bestow as her legacy. We aim to market the Chakinta Conn Film Legacy fund with the hopes of generating much needed revenue to enable Nicole to continue to write and direct powerful and compelling real life

stories about women for mainstream release..

“My long term vision is to Act As If.  I’m making this film as if it’s ten years in the future when a film like this will be marketed as a movie about four strong women who find their truth through the pure and unconditional love of a wheelchair bound nine year old boy.”, says writer/director Nicole Conn.

With that said, Nicole can’t do it alone. We need your help. Please follow @NestingDollFilm @NicoleConn and @MelkePR on twitter and please ‘like’ the Nesting Doll Facebook page. And if you really want to get involved in this exciting project, please email us at so you can become a part of the Nicole Conn Film Family (NCFF), our global fundraising and marketing team.